Department of Curriculum, Culture, and Educational Inquiry

Who we are

Who We Are The faculty in the Department of Curriculum, Culture and Educational Inquiry are a special group. Many of us have made this our professional home because we have recognized that it would be difficult to find such a good group of colleagues anywhere else. Each of us is committed to issues of social justice and equity in some way and it manifests in our teaching, research and service undertakings. We are encouraged that our demographic diversity has emerged naturally and we are delighted that we represent so many parts of the international community through our work and our personal stories.

Who We Are Joining us would mean that you enter a community that strives to support the whole person as we balance the professional and the personal, value one another’s health and wellbeing, take time to laugh, dialogue, and explore multiple perspectives in our decision making. We are creative in our problem solving, and are willing to explore new and innovative ideas. We are energized by the diversity of the S. Florida community that serves as a “lab” for so many of us, offering opportunities for critical praxis. We are engaged – in departmental, college and university decision making, in our professional organizations, in our communities and with one another. We recognize that our efforts in addressing the inequities that face us and the communities we serve are best achieved in thoughtful and collective ways.

Who We Are