Department of Educational Leadership and Research Methodology

Our values lead the way … To distinctively impact our faculty, students, communities, and educational policy, practice, and research.

Higher Education Leadership Program

Masters Degree Course Requirements

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Core Courses

  • ADE 6381: Leadership I: Adult Learning and Assessment
  • EDS 6100: Leadership II: Theories and Assessment
  • EDA 6103: Leadership III: Administrative Processes

Professional Knowledge

  • EDH 6635: Organization and Administration of Higher Education
  • EDH 6065: History and Philosophy of Higher Education
  • EDH 6051: Introduction to the Study of Higher Education

Plus Three of:

  • EDH 6045: Student Affairs Leadership
  • EDH 6215: Community College Curriculum
  • EDH 7505: Higher Education Business and Finance*
  • EDH 7405: Legal Issues in Higher Education*
  • EDH 6305: Improvement of Instruction in Colleges
  • EDH 6931: Contemporary Issues in Student Affairs
  • EDH 6040: Student Development Theory
  • EDH 6058: International Comparative Higher Education
  • *Doctoral classes - Master's degree students must request permission to register

Experiential Component
One of:

  • EDA 6905: Directed Independent Study Organized Travel/Study
  • EDA 6925: Administrative Externship #3; Executive Colloquia
  • EDA 7905: Directed Independent Study / Directed Conferences
  • EDA 6941: Internship/Exchange
  • EDA 7905: ASHE Directed Conferences, NASPA Directed Conferences, or
  • EDA 7943: Field Project I; EDA 7944 Field Project II; or EDA 6941Internship

Educational Foundation

  • STA 6113: Educational Statistics
  • EDF 6481: Educational Research Methods
  • EME 6426: Administrative Applications of Educational Technology*

*NOTE: Students may substitute the Educational Leadership Technology Assessment Certificate for EME 6426

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Updated October 15, 2012