Department of Exercise Science and Health Promotion

Internship Company Listing

The following list has available internship sites which have current contracts with the ESHP Department:

Current Internship Listings

Application Directions:

Internship occurs during the last semester of an undergraduate student’s coursework. Complete internship application packets must be submitted to the ESHP main office in Field House 11, Room 25 during the following dates only:

  • Spring Internship: Submit application November 1st through 21st
  • Summer Internship: Submit application April 1st through 24th
  • Fall Internship: Submit application July 8th through 30th

Complete packets consist of the following documents:

  1. Completed PET 4946 Internship Checklist (found in syllabus)
  2. A copy of written documentation of current CPR certification (must be valid during entire internship semester)
  3. Written documentation of current professional liability insurance (instructions found in syllabus)
  4. Completed Information/Assignment Sheet (found in syllabus) with a list of your internship objectives attached
  5. A copy of an Application for Degree that has been submitted to the College of Education Office for Academic & Student Services (COE, 2nd floor)

Application paperwork can be found in the sample syllabus below.

Internship Sample Syllabus

Please contact the ESHP Department (561) 297-2938 or Dr. Whitehurst if you need any further information.

Updated January 28, 2015