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Welcome to the Center for Autism & Related Disabilities at Florida Atlantic University

Florida’s First Choice for Autism Supports

The FAU Center for Autism and Related Disabilities (CARD) provides expert consulting, training and support, at no charge, for people with autism and related disabilities, their families and the professionals serving them.

CARDOur Mission

CARD provides support and assistance with the goal of optimizing the potential of people with  autism and related disabilities.

Constituency Board

The statewide CARD program was founded by concerned parents and professionals. To this day, each Center maintains a strong relationship with it's Constituency Board. The Constituency Board meets six times per year.


Support our program by clicking this link and selecting "Center for Autism and Related Disabilities (C.A.R.D.)" from the list of Designations.

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State toll free: 1-800-9-AUTISM
FAU-CARD toll free: 888-632-6395

Good News!!!: The Autism License Plate is Now Available!

All Proceeds Will fund Direct Service Programs For Children And Adults With Autism And Other Develomental Disabilities.

Call toll free: 1-877-465-3824 or go to

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Autism Florida: Your First Source for Autism Information

April is Autism Awareness Month and we are pleased to announce the launch of Autism Florida: Your First Source for Autism Information for citizens of Florida.   Autism Florida is a statewide website to serve as a centralized point of entry to information on autism in Florida to help families, individuals with autism spectrum disorders (ASD), and professionals who serve them. Autism Florida offers simplicity of use and ease of navigation to access information about autism quickly and find resources in Florida that can help from the time of suspecting autism through screening, evaluation, treatment, and into transitional and adult years. It is a work in progress and content will be added and updated regularly. As a centralized, single entry point for Florida autism information, the website links to existing resources, including information from Florida’s Center for Autism and Related Disabilities (CARD), state agency websites, the Dan Marino Foundation, and other organizations. The website was developed by the Florida State University Autism Institute at the request of the Governor’s Task Force on ASD in collaboration with CARD and the Florida Department of Health. Photos on the website show the many faces of children and adults with ASD who live in Florida.

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