By: Rosemary Portera

Calming Toys

The Ultimate Fidget Set

Isoflex Ball Hand Exerciser Tangle Therapy Pencil Fidget Topper: Set of Three
  • 10 Fidgets
  • Tangle Therapy
  • Super Spaghetti Ball
  • Inside Out Ball
  • Squiggles Sensory Bracelet
  • Moody Face
  • Stretchy Frogs
  • Tactile Atom Ball
  • Koosh Ball
  • Bendy Man
  • Super Sticky Starfish
  • Stress ball, hand exercise ball, or classroom fidget for elementary 
  • Stress relief or to keep hands busy
  • Relieves stress through smooth  repetitive twisting
  • Research has shown the Tangle Therapy's size and range of motion also encourages fine motor development
  • Fingers stay busy as they listen and work

Aku Ring

Popping Peepers: A Fun Squeeze Toy For Kids & Teens The Original Koosh Ball Tangle Jr.
  • Fidget for Stress
  • Just squeeze and Watch their eyes pop out! This fun squeeze toy is great for relieving stress. use it as a distraction  toy to help with anxiety, anger or transitions for students with autism.
  • This quiet fidget works great in the classroom to keep hands busy or to use as a squeeze ball
  • Keeping hands busy and out of trouble in the classroom, on trips in the car, on a plane or anytime

Language & Social Skills Toys

Blunders Games

Reverse Charades Friendship Farm- Who is Being Friendly? What's Yours Like? Game
  • Positive social skills. Children 5 and up will learn about honesty, responsibility, table manners, school etiquette, telephone manners, respectfulness, kindness, how to give confident introductions and how a party guest and host should act.
  • Team is given 60 seconds to act out as many words as one person can guess.
  • Build a social themed puzzle. The back of catch puzzle piece features a question designed to stimulate social conversation.
  • Guess word and start describing it.

Toys for Preschool

Wooden Project Workbench

Gears! Gears! Gears! Super Set 60 Standard Unit Blocks Funny Faces
  • All wood constructions toy
  • Using the guide book or building something from their imagination
  • Features realistic looking tools, nuts, bolts and screws included with the workbench
  • Imaginations with this massive bucket of vibrant, colorful gears
  • Opportunities to practice patterning and problem solving
  • Fun 3-D structures that whir and spin
  • Creativity, fine motor, cognitive planning, emergent math skills
  • Working on identifying and making facial expressions
  • Great for social and emotional exploration
  • To play kids try to match a face on the game board while the other players try to guess which face is being imitated

Alphabet Train Lacing Beads

Daisy Maxi Feed the Woozle Doorbell House
  • Build fine motor skills, hand eye coordination, alphabet recognition, spelling
  • Cute railroad illustrations on each bead
  • Fine motor skills and hand eye coordination while also learning about colors, matching, sorting
  • Gross motor skills, dexterity, body awareness
  • Cooperative game,
  • Three levels
  • Fine motor skills, teach cause and effect or encourage pretend play

Happy Giddy Tunnel

Monster Bowling Game Farm Sound Blocks Vehicle Sound Blocks
  • Gross motor skills as well as developing spatial awareness
  • Active play, eye-hand coordination, imaginative play, sensory play
  • Cause and effect with the Farm Sounds
  • Matching the blocks to complete the animal picture
  • Match the two parts

Big Red Rocket Room Light

Wily's Wiggly Web Wood Pattern Blocks & Boards Magnetic Number Maze
  • Multi-sensory toy
  • Offers gently pulsing lights of the rocket along with the "white noise"
  • Calm down after a rough day
  • Cutting skills
  • Working together
  • Cooperative game-social skills building as well
  • Imagination
  • Teaching matching, colors and shapes, problem solving, patterning
  • Fine motor skills and eye - hand coordination
  • Fine motor skills,
  • Counting and numbers with the Magnetic Number Maze

The Great Cheese Chase

Sound Puzzles How Do You Feel Facial Expression Puzzle Game Wooden Bear Family Dress- Up Puzzle
  • Cooperative game
  • Social interaction
  • Cause and effect
  • Matching
  • Learn emotions
  • Visual discrimination skills
  • Game or puzzles
  • Fine motor skills, emotional exploration, hand eye coordination, imaginative play

Magnetic Wooden Bug Catching Game

Sound Puzzles How Do You Feel Facial Expression Puzzle Game Wooden Bear Family Dress- Up Puzzle
  • Fine motor skills, eye hand coordination, turn taking, vocabulary
  • Hand-eye coordination, visual perception, fine motor skills
  • Explore occupations
  • Pretend play
  • Imaginative play
  • Story telling skills, develop fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination
  • Calming

Color Blast

Build An Inch - Worm Vehicles Reusable Sticker Pad  
  • No mess
  • Great for traveling
  • Sensory development. Great for building fine motor skills, hand eye coordination, problem solving skills
  • Entertaining vehicle themed sticker pad is also Re-usable

Toys for Elementary 

Blunders Game

Reverse Charades Living Sands Small Set What's Yours Like? Game
  • Positive social skills
  • Children 5 and up will learn about honesty, responsibility, table manners, school etiquette, telephone manners, respectfulness, kindness and more
  • Team is giving 60 seconds to act out as many words as one person can guess
  • Fun and unique material that children can play and be creative with
  • Unique tactile experience
  • Guess Word and start describing it

Solar System In My Room

Consequences Board Game Find It on the Farm Story Speller
  • Calming visual effect for the bedroom
  • Game of consequences is designed to help young children with a developmental age of three to six learn that actions and behaviors have consequences in a fun and relaxed environment
  • Great for keeping kids occupied while traveling, int eh class or during down time
  • Story speller is a simple game where players learn to tell and spell their own story
  • Helps kids develop their imagination, sequential thinking and language skills

Glow in the Dark Krypton Putty

Speaking and Listening Board Games Boochie Temper Tamers In a Jar
  • Charge the Glow in a the Dark Krypton Putty up and it will glow like fun fine motor work out!
  • This set of six social skills games will help your students learn to interaction with others
  • Work as a team
  • Listen to others and speak clearly
  • Designed to help students develop critical thinking skills, convey their ideas, and vocabulary
  • Kids will have hours of motor fund tossing, kicking, bowling, and throwing with Boochie!
  • A jar of ideas to help calm and control your temper and express your feeling in positive ways. Include finding a calm place sharing about times when you feel angry, acting out situations that can cause anger and brain storming positive outcomes

Liquid Timer

Jeliku Three Dimensional Kanoodle: a fun visual game  
  • Relaxing and incredibly visual, this approximately one minute timer is a great gift for those who are visually oriented
  • Your fingers and mind will become instantly engaged with the Jeliku
  • Awesome fidget
  • Endless designs and shapes
  • Keeps fingers busy
  • Kanoodle is a highly visual three dimensional puzzle game
  • Kids use a variety of interconnected spheres to duplicate structures in their Kannodle book
  • These structures move from very simple to highly complex

Toys for Tweens, Teens & Adults

Vision Motion Lamp

Relationality: Learn all About Relationships Gallop Lamp Super Sized Light Doodler
  • This visually calming lamp features floating balls of wax against a reflective mirror creating the illusion of several tubes of a floating balls
  • Relationality is a research-based board game designed to help teens and adults explore the many different aspects of healthy relationships
  • This lamp also works well for calming areas
  • Turn on the lamp and watch various animals come to life as the lamp gently rotates
  • Highly visual kids and teens love the Super Size Light Doodler
  • Using the controls you can create your own light show

Playable ART Ball-Colored

Archiquest Classical & European Architecture Reverse Charades Chill Skills In a Jar: Anger Management
  • The incredible Playable Art Ball twists and moves smoothly to create a wide variety of designs and shapes
  • This unique architectural building system is sure to challenge the creative mind with endless design possibilities and open ended, imaginative play
  • Reverse Charades is a team version of the classic charades games
  • Each team is given 60 seconds to act out as many words as one person can guess
  • Great for kids who need team to work with as they explore pretend play and non-verbal cues
  • Helps teens learn healthy ways to work through anger
  • Promotes group discussions
  • Use cards to learn calming strategies for tense or difficult situations
  • What would you do? Tip cards; Share cards; Act it out cards

Flowing Sand Panel: Calming & Relaxing

Social Fortune or Social Fate Tangle Museum Chrome  
  • Sturdy construction
  • Helps overstimulated students relax
  • Use it as a visual timer to help students transition out of a relaxing area and back into the learning environment
  • Teach teens how their behaviors affect the way others feel about them and treat them, which ultimately effects how they feel about themselves
  • Teens explore 10 social scenarios through the lens of Social Fortune visually illustrating how social situations can change quickly based on how someone responds to the situation
  • Kids and teens will instantly become immersed in the kinetic experience of moving the extra large pieces of this tangle into a variety of shapes


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