Graduate Programs

Graduate Programs Committee 2017-2018 Academic Year

Paul Peluso, Chair Counselor Education
Maysaa Barakat Educational Leadership and Research Methodology
Deborah Shepherd (Ex-officio), Associate Dean
Subcommittee Student Petitions
  • Sharon Darling Chair, Subcommittee Student Petitions Exceptional Student Education
  • Deena Wener, Communication Sciences and Disorders
  • Carman Gill, Counselor Education
  • Roberta Weber, Curriculum, Culture and Educational Inquiry
  • Robert Zoeller, Exercise Science & Health Promotion
  • Eileen Ariza, Teaching and Learning
Subcommittee Curriculum Issues
  • Paul Peluso Chair, Subcommittee Curriculum Issues Counselor Education
  • Ali Danesh, Communication Sciences & Disorders
  • Sabrina Sembiante, Curriculum, Culture, and Educational Inquiry
  • Jennifer Bloom, Educational Leadership and Research Methodology
  • Mary Lou Duffy, Exceptional Student Education
  • Michael Whitehurst, Exercise Science and Health Promotion
  • Susannah Brown, Teaching and Learning

COE Graduate Programs Schedule And Subsequent University Meetings 2017-2018



Meetings Agendas & Minutes

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